Edmonton public disappointed no new schools announced in Budget 2014 – Edmonton

by admin on 29/04/2019

EDMONTON – Alberta’s education system will be seeing a boost in funding compared to last year, but school boards worry it will not be enough to keep up with the growing demand.

The government will spend about $6.5 billion on Kindergarten to Grade 12 education to accommodate more than 18,000 new students this year, Finance Minster Fred Horner said.

“So Alberta’s kids will continue to have access to leading edge learning opportunities and so we can continue to strengthen the best education system in Canada,” he said as he tabled his budget Thursday.

Watch below: Budget 2014 looking to support the ‘best education system in Canada’

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That amounts to about a 3.2 per cent increase in operational funding, or $217 million in additional dollars.

“That’s a huge increase by anybody’s margins nowadays,” said Education Minister Jeff Johnson. “Alberta continues to be the best-funded education system in the country, so if you boil down our dollars to a per capita or a per student basis, we rival anybody and are at the tops of the country.”

While the increase is welcome news to the Edmonton Public School Board, the board chair says she’s disappointed to hear there will be no new schools built, apart from the ones previously announced by the province.

“We need new schools,” Sarah Hoffman said. “And to hear that there isn’t any money in the budget for new schools is a big disappointment for us and for our parents.

“We’ve had 46 new neighbourhoods built in Edmonton since 2005; those families are expecting schools. And also, families living in mature parts of the city are expecting their schools to be well maintained.”

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Infrastructure isn’t the only concern for the province’s educators. The Alberta Teachers’ Association (ATA) says the budget will do little to improve “eroded classroom conditions.”

“It will not resolve the significant class size problem that exists in schools today. The government is building new schools, but it also needs to put teachers in them,” said ATA President Mark Ramsankar.

Johnson maintains this budget is delivering on promises and announcements made by the government.

A division-by-division breakdown of the budget number’s has been posted on Alberta Education’s website.

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With files from Ross Neitz, Global News.

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2 women injured after shooting inside York University Student Centre – Toronto

by admin on 29/04/2019

Watch the video above: Security stepped up on York University after shooting. Mark McAllister reports. 

TORONTO – Toronto police are asking for the public’s help identifying a man they believe fired a gun inside York University which ended up injuring two female students Thursday night.

The shooting happened just after 10:30 p.m. in a food court at the Student Centre.

Police say a man was traveling through the area when he discharged a firearm.

One of the victims was shot in the leg and suffered serious but non-life threatening injuries.

A report by York University’s student newspaper, Excalibur, said the second woman was injured by splinters when the bullet pierced through a chair.

The shooting prompted a campus lockdown which was lifted at about 1 a.m.

Police believe the two women were not targeted.

WATCH: New footage show the moments following a shooting at York University Thursday. WARNING: Video contains graphic images which may offend some viewers. Discretion is advised. 

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The male suspect is described as black, mid-20s, 5’8″-6′, with a black hooded sweatshirt and black coat. Anyone with information is urged to contact police.

York University’s President and Vice-Chancellor Mamdouh Shoukri released a statement Friday expressing his thoughts and concerns for the two students injured in the shooting.

“Our immediate focus is on supporting the two students and their families, and in providing counseling support for York Community members,” Shoukri wrote.

“Senior University representatives have been with the victims at the hospital, and I am appreciative to hear that both are receiving the treatment they need. I am thankful to understand their injuries are non-life threatening.”

The president’s statement also mentioned that the University has taken measures to enhance safety on campus, including increasing security patrols and Toronto police presence.

A spokesperson for the school confirmed to Global News the increased security will be reevaluated following next week “based on the status of the case and campus security requirements.”

The Excalibur posted a video of the incident on YouTube showing paramedics attending to one of the victims.

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“#PrayForEddie” tweets Luongo; Canucks continue spiral with 6-1 loss

by admin on 29/04/2019

The Vancouver Canucks have been the worst team in the NHL in 2014, and it doesn’t show signs of stopping soon.

A 6-1 loss to the Dallas Stars tonight was the latest step in the descent of the Canucks this season.

Dallas quickly jumped on a listless Canuck team, scoring three goals on Eddie Lack in the first 12 minutes, and prompting a sympathetic tweet from Roberto Luongo.

But Luongo’s prayers didn’t count for much on this night, as Dallas scored three more times, with Tyler Seguin eventually notching a hat trick. Lack was pulled after the second period when the score was 5-1 and replaced by Jacob Markstrom, one of the two players acquired for Luongo earlier this week.

In 24 games since the beginning of 2014, the Canucks have won just five games, gained 13 points, and scored 38 goals – all worst in the NHL by considerable margins.

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Vancouver’s only goal came on a fluky play, as an Alex Edler dump-in hit a stanchion and allowed Zac Dalpe to shoot into a wide open net at 18:15 of the second period. It was their first goal in over 140 minutes.

“It’s like the team is completely incoherent now, they don’t seem to play well with one another,” said Squire Barnes on News Hour Plus.

“It is shocking how quickly it went from decent to horrible. Yes they’ve had injuries, but it’s more than injuries. They are the lost boys.”

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Save the Children PSA imagines civil war in the UK – National

by admin on 29/04/2019

TORONTO – Save the Children UK has released a short PSA (above) stylized after the popular ‘Second a Day’ videos that have been circulating on the Internet.

The video, titled ‘Most Shocking Second a Day Video,’ shows a young British girl having her life torn apart by war.

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It opens with the girl blowing out candles on her birthday cake. We then get a glimpse of her happy life with quick shots of her playing with toys, spending time with family, and going to school.

Look closely and you’ll see signs in the background that not all is right.

A newspaper headline reads “Government declares Martial Law,” neighbours are arguing, news clips show airstrikes, and people are frantically running out of houses with their belongings.

We then see the girl in the midst of an explosion. Then dirty and cowering in the back of car with sirens and flashing lights going off.

In the end the girl appears to be in a hospital gown as she’s given something on a metal dish with a candle in it in place of a birthday cake. It then fades to the words “Just because it isn’t happening here, doesn’t mean it isn’t happening.”

The video was produced by Save the Children to mark the 3-year anniversary of the crisis in Syria, which, according to a report from last November,  has claimed the lives of over 11,000 children.

The campaign has had over 8 million views since being uploaded to YouTube on Wednesday.

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Winnipeg’s firefighters join the battle against frozen pipes – Winnipeg

by admin on 29/04/2019

WINNIPEG – The Serfas family has been without water for seven days, and on Thursday, they received a gift they won’t soon forget.

Three 20-litre jugs of water, courtesy of Winnipeg’s fire department.

“It felt really good and they were so friendly and so considerate, it made me feel good,” Audrey Serfas told Global News.

They’re among the hundreds in the city without water, but one of the first to have water delivered to their home.

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More than 700 properties in Winnipeg have no running water because pipes are freezing and the city is unable to thaw them as quickly as new ones freeze.

City officials said it’s all hands on deck.

“We’re viewing this as a city emergency,” said Diane Sacher, Manager of Water Services. “Not just a department emergency — we’re applying all resources that are available.”

As of Thursday, Winnipeg’s bravest are stretching their resources to become the city’s newest water lifeline.

About a dozen fire halls will be turned into watering stations where empty jugs can be refilled. Residents unable to leave their homes can have water brought to their doors.

“When we’re in a situation like this, we’re in an anomaly,” said Bill Clark, acting chief of the Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service. “It’s a weather-related event and it’s a situation we will engage in the community to enhance the comfort level and livability.”

Earlier this week, the city said it would install hoses between houses without water and neighbouring properties as an interim solution — but only 89 homes have had them installed so far. City officials said those who want a hose installation can have it done the day it’s requested.

“If your water line is frozen and you contact us right away, we can get you water service almost immediately as long as you have a co-operative neighbour,” said Mayor Sam Katz.

As the backlog of frozen pipes grows, and with the frost more than 1.5 metres deep, some Winnipeggers fear they’ll be forced to live with these conditions into the summer.

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